Join My Voice Over Workout Group and Watch Your Audition Closing Rates Go WAY UP, and Land a Much Higher Percentage of them!
For as Little as $100 a Month!
(Please note: These rates are only guaranteed for the next 30 days!)
The Dave Fennoy Weekly Workout Group
Hi! . . . Dave Fennoy Here!
Every two weeks I get together with a Top Notch group of other Voice Over artists here in the L.A. area. It helps me a LOT!

So, I thought, why not bring the same concept to my students? SO, I did!
  • BI-WEEKLY SESSIONS . . . Every other week on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm PST, we'll get together and practice our craft together as a group. Each participant will have a chance to read 2 or 3 times. As usual, Flys-on-the-Wall get to see and hear it all. We start the festivities on August 3rd!
But is it the right information?

You need information that is useful. It has to be expert and it must be relevant.
  • FEEDBACK . . . In this business it's crucial for you to get feedback from your peers. Participating in a workout group has been one of the best things I've done to further my career and keep it moving forward. I'm certain YOU will feel the same way.
  •  MOTIVATION . . . From someone who has “been there, done that.” This can be a very lonely business. We work solo from our homes and most of our correspondence is done via e-mail or online platforms. Getting together a couple of times a month will help you keep your motivation level HIGH as it does for me in my own workout group.
  • BECOME YOUR OWN PERSONAL DIRECTOR . . . By listening to your fellow voice actors and offering suggestions to improve their reads, you’ll develop skills as an objective self-director.
It’s easy to lose perspective. Many turn to social media for encouragement, but that can often backfire as many use it as either:
a) An escape from doing the hard work of building their business, or
b) A platform to air grievances and negativity!

This a much better alternative!
Pricing for This Program: 2 Options - Participant or Fly-on-the-Wall!
Compared to doing personally coaching, I've made the rates very affordable. And, when you commit to 2 months up front, you save 20%. Committ to more months and save even more.
Participant Options (2 Sessions each month):
Fly-on-the-Wall Options (2 Sessions each month):
BONUS! - All the Sessions are Recorded for You to Watch Over and Over and Over Again!
You’ll have access to the videos to the sessions soon after (please allow up to 48 hours) they are over. I’ll be creating a massive library of incredible training that you will have complete access to as a either a participant or a fly!
Dave Fennoy
P.S. This is being set up to allow ONLY up to  8 participants ONLY! If for some reason you want to join us and no spaces are available, start as a "fly". They will get priority to upgrade to a participant. 
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